Super Serve is the preferred and respected professional food services provide to the elite corporation of the country to energize their work force. It is the one of main catering services in Sri Lanka and that have branches all over the country. Super Serve provides their services to lots of companies like MAS Active, Ceylon Tobacco Company, etc. They have large extent of clients to provide their services. Hence, they have to face too many difficulties because of less facilities to store their day to day business details. Then, using a system software is requirement for them.

TeRav Technologies identified that difficulty and system software created to solve these difficulties. It’s called “Super Serve Catering System Software Solution” and take it easy. This system software is very easy to handle and after entering all details it can be got analytical information quickly and correctly

Basic details

IDetails means facts or information used usually to calculate, analyze or plan something information that is produced or stored in a computer. The Basic Details category has used to enter basic information on a business institution.

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