Smart ApparelsĀ® is our latest web based software solution created by eRav Technologies for the modern apparels industries. There are many advantages for most of the apparel industries by using this software solution, such as Identifying unskilled employees, more work efficiency, convenience, reliability and productivity due to the specialization of the workers, Increasing the factory skill level, easily allocating the right employee to the suitable position and decreasing learning curve of the worker. And also day planning schedule is a very useful tool to manage daily works, another advantage in this is adding holiday details into the system.

This software implements a computational grid. This grid is able to execute jobs when it receives an application accompanied by a set of data files. By hiding the complexity of grid technology, which makes the system easy to use. It has an intuitive, highly visual solution designed specifically for apparel industries to help improve visibility, coordination and control, delivering product to market faster, and more efficiently

Especially this software can easily categorize the skilled and unskilled workers within a certain period of time, after launching a training program and rating the workers for the existing tasks. And measuring the factory skill level is useful to see the progress of the training program and to see the overall performance of the employees.

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