Student Plus® is a Web-based, School Management system which gives the management the ability to monitor student profiles (insert, update and delete), Teachers profiles, payroll, income & expenses of the school and to create timetables without any clashes. Using Student Plus®, you can follow a standardized way to take control of your school management through technology.

STUDENT Plus® is designed to simplify all the complex and daily activities into just a database. And this system is online, which can be accessed by any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Each user will be assigned with a username and a password; hence it is a secure closed system. STUDENT Plus® is a web-based application created by eRav Technologies™ over the last few years to meet the standards of a school system. eRav Technologies™ has the experience of Implementing a similar software solution on a school (Loyola College) successfully. Our developers have been updating this system over the years and we have finally decided to launch it as our end product to schools.


Role & Permission | Student center | Teacher information | User Management | Grading System | Exam Management | Mark Manage | Attendance | Account, Invoice & Payments | Student Timetable | Promotion | Report | Backup | Settings | Expense

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