eRav Multilevel Marketing Platform(Network Marketing) is a top tier digital device that allows you to create, control, manage and execute complex digital marketing campaigns and sales.

The system integrates a range of tools that allows incredible cross-functionality. The eRav MLMP system focuses on modern marketing techniques and creates a unitary platform to undertake marketing activities.

Online payment and Cash on delivery
The eRav Multilevel marketing platform allows easy- Online payment functions and Cash On delivery options. The system can be easily integrated with your Bank’s internet payment gateway and allow quick and safe transactions. In addition, the systems allows the customer to chose the cash on delivery options which will enable money to be received on the organization when the goods are received.

Customer Profile
The eRav MLMP allows easier customer profile creation. The Customer profile component of the platform allows detailed information of all necessary data. These can be in the form of Order Information, Down Line Information and also, the sales commission details of all relative stakeholders are demonstrated as well.

Order information
Down Line information
Commission detail

Admin Panel
The eRav distributor comes with a comprehensive admin panel where the overall operations and performance of the business can be controlled. The admin panel cludes:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Product list Update
  3. Sales detail
  4. Commission direct update bank
  5. Users Career path development
  6. Update API true Courier detail
  7. Return Information

Automatic Payment Processing

The eRav MLMP platform allows a quick and easy payment processing integration to your banking facilities. The system supports various banking IPG integrations and complex pricing strategies. Also, the system supports currency exchange rates and multiple payment gateway mapping.

Customized Filters to Generate Reports
Reporting is a key tool of significance in the modern business environment. In the E-Commerce Industry, reporting is a crucial function that dictates the success of business decisions.

The eRav MLMP supports incredible functionality in managing multiple reporting formats and custom reports. The system functions with real-time data collection where the management can make an effective decision through updated data.

Supporting the Latest MLM Plans
The eRav Multi-level Marketing Platform supports incredible functionality. The system allows you to executive complex product and service promotions. The detailed list of features are as follows:


  1. .Prospecting Tools
    1. the eRav MLMP creates contains effective customer prospecting tools. This allows the management to map out target market potential and execute sensitive business forecasts.
  2. Content Management
    1. the MLMP platform supports a user friendly, Content Management Backend that allows easy and quick content management facilities. The system facilitates cross-device functionality where the content can be tailored to mobile, PC and tablet devices.
  3. Social Media Management
    1. the eRav MLMP supports centralized control over various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. the platform ensures that the Notifications, post management and content scheduling executes to the direction of the management.
  4. Communication Management
    1. the System integrates an incredibly centralized communication module that enables concise, effective and easy to use communication functions with all stakeholders.
  5. Order Management
    1. Allows a simple shopping cart function with detailed cart information. Sales orders from multiple traffic sources are centralized to ensure that all customers are serviced immediately without delay.
  6. Inventory Management
    1. the eRav MLMP allows an incredible inventory management system where the management is informed of real-time stock-outs, stock replenishing requirements and any stock expiration. The system is designed to ensure that all stocks are sold or replenished based on movability and value.
  7. Shipping Management
    1. the system allows the customer to track their order from the point of purchase to delivery. The system allows tracking from the order processing, dispatching to courier and receipt to the customer.
  8. Commission Management
    1. the system enables multiple commission holders to obtain and apportion their commissions. This can be attributed to multiple accounts and sellers.