TickFast is an incredible Digital Solution for Your Organization irrespective of you Working from Home or in a Big Office.

The system keeps track of all Management, Financial, HR, Marketing & Operational and Sales related inquiries and requests across all parts of the organization.

The system is accurate, articulate and immediate. Information is easily integrated whilst the organisational hierarchy can be easily identified and mapped out. The system thrives on approvals and a level of control over the information.

Also, the system is mobile friendly and will support any device on Android and IOS platforms. The system provides an effective notification system that will keep track of all due necessary information of relevant parties. As the system is Cloud-based, you will never lose your data for any physical damage to the device.

TickFast is designed with speed and reliability in mind. henceforth, there will be minimum loss of efficiency due to lag and external bottlenecks of data transfer.

Lead Management
TickFast allows effective control and summary of the total leads generated, assigned, progress and conversions of all sources. The program provides outlined overview of the program and enables effective business control. All business leads will be accessible and updated through multiple locations through Mobile, PC and Tablets. The notification system allows real-time updates of each lead and creates effective lead management through various segments of the organization.

TickFast can be easily optimized into any platform with quick integration to your existing business process. Also, the system is cloud-based. This enables minimum data loss in case of physical damages to the hardware devices.

Content Management
TickFast is an effective, easy-to-use, platform that allows seamless control and forecasting capabilities due to the integrated, sophisticated CMS Module. The organization can instantly share files, images, presentations and various other formats with all stakeholders instantly and securely. The system is encrypted with highly complex functions that allows superior security and long term sustainability of the system.

Contact Management
TickFast enables total control and information collection of all stakeholders within the designated list of employees. The contact information of all employees can be established in a centralized database where changes can be made remotely and instantly. Also, the platform allows easy sharing of contact credentials within the organization as well as to other devices.

Reporting & Analytics
TickFast allows comprehensive reporting functions where the management can report analytics and performance of each employee segment per task. Hence, the system allows detailed scope of data regarding the performance of efficiency of each department and employees.The simplicity and the effectiveness of the platform enable the management to make effective and immediate decisions based on the potential to execute each department within the organization.

Outline Facilities:

  • Cloud Based
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Easy, Customizable User Interface
  • Accurate and Real Time Notifications