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Our expertise covers a wide range of industries and we work hard to keep our base of satisfied clients growing!
What I do?

eRAV technologies dedicate first and foremost to the production of the highest quality products and services to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving an acceptable gain and providing effective IT solutions satisfying customers and looking at marketing environment to face competition.

Desktop Application

Team Erav has a dynamic and agile mind set to identify and build tools to ease your operation from small scale to large scale. We have the capability to smoothly implement, design and develop bespoke desktop applications to suit your needs

Web Application

Web Application development has been a key competency in team Erav and with a hard to beat references, erav has the full capability to design, implement and deploy full scale web application with utmost professionalism and sensitivity to your needs and requirements

Mobile Application

New world order of technology is moving towards a mobile era, which focuses more on fast, secure, reliable and compact mobile solutions. With and an agile approach towards all sorts of development.

E-Commerce Application

Ecommerce is the latest emerging market among entrepreneurs as well as giants in the market. Being the most accessed and worldwide used platform for businesses, ecommerce has been a vital point in any startup. Team Erav has the capability and flexibility to develop bespoke ecommerce platforms of your choice with a technologically competitive edge.

Software Feasibility

With over 30 years of experience in developing and designing bespoke software products our team of consultants are empowered with advance methods of analyzing the critical component of software feasibility which dictates the software purpose being served to the end user

System Consultation

With over 30 years of experience multiple fields, team Erav has obtained the expertise in many fields allowing its consultants to become more competent in consulting any challenging development project with a professional approach and out of box thinking

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