IT Consultancy

We contribute to empowering your organization with the most suitable digital plan specific to your attributes. We specialize in researching your deliverables, outlining the critical indicators and assisting you in creating the best ERP, IOT solution bespoke to your organization. eRav Technologies have pioneered trending management concepts such as Lean Management, Business Process Optimization & Innovation Work Strategy.

Digital Transformation

We specialize in Digital Transformation of Small, Medium and Large scale organizations. Transforming organizations that operate with non-digital, manual procedures is one of our prime skills. We hold expertise in digitizing processes to generate ease of use, reliability & accuracy. Also, we provide real-time data delivery & reliable information systems that enable organizations to make profitable decisions.

Tailor-Made ERP Module Development

We create  fully bespoke ERP modules specified to the critical specifications of your organization. We conduct a thorough research on the existing operational process of your organization, and design a unique information system specifically for you. Our expertise enables us to generate innovative solutions that can enhance the efficiency of your operation and create sustainable decision making.

IOT Device Design & Development

We design and engineer sophisticated IOT solutions that can be implemented in any manufacturing organization. We undertake device configuration, modification and enhanced integration of modules to provide you a modern digital experience.

Cloud Based Services

We provide incredible Data warehousing and information storage facilities with quick response time & effective management. eRav Technologies provide modern Cloud Based storage space, big data handling & data processing functionalities with our superior cloud based computing technology.