eRav Distributers

eRav Distributor simplifies the management functions of any business concerned with the Logistics industry. It is a fully-fledged digital system that can handle anything from inventory management to customer order handling.

eRav Distributor supports multiple business distribution models such as:

  • Pre-order systems
  • Direct sales
  • Gas distribution

The system computes the primary and secondary distribution operations of an organisation and provides detailed information on each aspect.

PO Preparation (Supplier PO)

As an essential part of enterprise resource planning, timely Purchase Order generation must be done often and accurately. PO generation is incredibly convenient with eRav Distributor, allowing the preparation of Purchase Orders with complete product categories, and with extensive customization capabilities to suit any organizational process.

As it was first developed for LPG distribution, a dedicated module is available for gas distribution operations owing to its extensive requirements. Another fully-fledged system is available for any other kind of product, complete with multiple customization options.

In addition, individual supplier profiles are maintained in the system for easy access to supplier information.


eRav Distributor’s digital records maintenance eases the process of accounting and maintaining records of Goods Received Notes from suppliers. With a complete digitalized system, the need for printing capabilities is minimum as the management can easily store and access GRN data at a moment’s notice.

Inventory Management

The inventory management system of eRav Distributor goes beyond the aforementioned and offers easy maintenance of, GRN notes, Goods issued for production, forecasted lead time calculation, receipt of finished goods, and the dispatch of finished goods to trade. It helps maintain consistent communication between departments and managers and can be customized in-depth to fit any organization’s process.

Customer Order Handling

eRav Distributor facilitates two customer invoicing procedures.

In the event that sales persons approach customers to simply gauge their requirements and take orders, this information can be uploaded in real-time so that inventory management can determine stocks required, delivery routes etc.

In the event that sales persons directly approach customers with the intention of selling, the following Vehicle Loading/ Unloading functions can be utilised to ease the process.

Vehicle Loading/ Unloading

When planning routes, a proper item load list and an effective plan to anticipate the stock requirements are necessary to ensure efficiency. eRav Distributor analyses average purchase rates of dealers and provide a wealth of information enabling a comprehensive loading plan to be developed. This will significantly minimize unsold return stock and enhance the efficiency of the delivery process.

eRav Distributor also supports easy vehicle stock loading and unloading by balancing goods sold and the return stock instantaneously. This way, the management only has to cross-check the physical stocks received. When unloading return stock, the management will have high efficiency and access to easy backtrace calculations to account for any goods missing.


Separate modules are available for pre-order models and direct sale models.

eRav Distributor platform supports an easy mobile billing function. This function generates real-time reports of sales and completely eliminates the need for manual billing, significantly easing operations. From this system, the management can extract information such as billing times to understand the distribution cycle for customers. This will further reduce the need for manual bookkeeping and simplify accounting aspects.

Here, salesperson profiles are maintained for easy access to relevant information.

KPI Tracking

eRav Distributor’s KPI tracking options are highly customizable, allowing organizations to add, remove, or alter any targets/ parameters to suit their requirements. These spans function like customer credit limit and credit period declarations, salesperson sales target and collection target monitoring, and goods returned controlling.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is an extremely important aspect of the logistics industry as a whole. eRav Distributor sports comprehensive reporting capabilities. Scheduled custom reports can be shared across multiple platforms easily and mobile optimization provides ease of access like never before.

Sales & Accounting Function

With eRav Distributor, organizations can eliminate the need for a separate accounting platform. The built-in, extensive accounting package is able to utilize all the information present in the aforementioned systems to provide comprehensive accounting reports. These reports are easily customizable to adhere to the financial reporting standards of an organization’s operating country.

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