ShapeUP – Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

The Human Resource Management System by eRav is a total HR solution featuring a solution structure developed for organizations of all sizes. The system aims to support HR operations by offering extensive integration options with internal systems, automating processes where applicable, and maintaining data consistency. It also provides easy access to both summarized and in-depth data on HR metrics, facilitating visibility to all stakeholders.

Ease HRM with 6 Essential Features

Each individual module offers flexible compatibility with external devices such as Face Detection Machines or Fingerprint Scanners.

Cloud-based Payroll Solution
Employee Information Database
Time Attendance System including Mobile Application
Leave Registry
KPI Monitoring

Information Database

HRMS Database

The information database of eRav HRMS offers the capability to store highly detailed employee information. The eRav HRMS focuses on efficient information delivery, allowing detailed information collection of employees.

The following types of data can be recorded, sorted, and updated seamlessly with this module.

  • Employment information
  • Family details
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Skills and expertise
  • Employee complaint tracking

Leave Registry

eRav HRMS allows flexible management of employee leave through the Leave Registry module. It provides remote leave application and approval functions along with data collection and sorting with the ability to export the total history of the employee alongside this information in MS Excel format.


  • Leave allocation
  • Leave approval
  • Leave reason specification and classification
  • Notification of No Pay

Time Attendance System

HRMS Time Attendance

The eRav HRMS simplifies employee time and attendance management. This module is compatible with any thumbprint, face ID or time punch card system, allowing instant and easy integration.

The module also offers a Mobile Application. All core functionalities are included in the app and it can be used even while offline, with the periodic data syncing while online.


  • Shift Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Remote Location Handling
  • Time and Attendance Hardware integration

Cloud-based Payroll Solution

This module offers quick and accurate payroll calculations and print-ready salary sheets, alongside weekly performance reports, allowances, OT and No Pay calculations, and complex salary calculations. It is fully integrated with banking facilities, allowing immediate control and accurate forecasting of salaries. 

As a cloud-based solution, it is easily accessible from anywhere, provides a higher level of security, is extensively scalable, and ultimately benefits the organisation with massive ROIs.


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly salary calculation
  • Allowances and deductions allocation
  • Overtime and No Pay calculation
  • EPF and ETF calculations
  • Salary, RPF, and ETF online bank transfer facilitation
  • Gratuity calculation and gratuity revision
  • Salary reconciliation

The solution also supports the integration of multiple company EPF accounts.

KPI Monitoring

The eRav HRMS facilitates simple yet in-depth management of KPIs for individual employees based on expected performance, within the time and attention dynamics. This enables the management to set employee or department-specific KPIs and assign visibility and admin functions to related management personnel.


  • Customized KPI setting
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Notification of performance based on a specified timeframe
  • Standard KPI presets

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