Correct Count

Sophisticated Platform that Provides Real-Time information on ALL Aspects in Your Production Process. Allows You to Manage, Control and Oversee the Complete Production Process through your Mobile device. Customized to the Exact requirements of Your Organization

 Correct Count Software comprises the following Modules that enables you complete control over the organization. The system has outlined the most widely used accounting templates and requirements and created an overall complete solution that enables over control, realtime data collection, and incredible visual display of data.

Chart of Accounts

To generate a chart of accounts To support you in creating your chart of accounts, we’ve provided some commonly-used accounts. The accounts accessible will vary depending on whether you choose Cash, Modified Cash, or Accrual as your account structure. In the chart of accounts configuration, the organization can effectively monitor the financial implication over time. At this segment, the system should clearly identify all information related to the 05 principle account types such as the Assets, Expenditure, Liabilities, Income and Equity.

Payable and Receivable

The Account Payable and Account Receivable segment of the software are subsets of the overall accounting software. They’re designed to accelerate invoice processing and minimize or eliminate the errors that occur with a document-based accounting system. Accounts payable and receivable automation is the basic mechanism behind the software in this category.

Correct Count will often integrate with accounts payable and receivable applications. Although technically Correct Count software may be sufficient for the needs of extremely small enterprises, it is usually intended to be used instead of a more expensive accounting system.

Cash Flow Management

Correct Count is created with an effective Cash Flow Management system that incorporates Customer and Vendor information through standardized data collection and monitoring. The system allows the user to configure customized money flow based on the criteria provided in the ledger and authority. It should be emphasized that the system runs on real-time data. 

The Cash flow management Function regulates the inflow and outflow of funds inside a company. Businesses use cash flow management software to keep their cash flow positive and estimate future cash flow based on previous transactions and historical financial or operational data.

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Your bank account can be reconciled using the Bank Reconciliation software module. 

It allows businesses to reconcile bank account transactions from their general ledger control account with data from their ERP system that has arrived in their bank account. 

All essential banking information is reconciled using a single, dependable instrument.

The sophisticated matching engine of our Bank Reconciliation automation software module is based on rules practised by your finance department. With one of the top software programs for bank account reconciliation on the market, customers may automate the process of reconciling transactions.

Petty Cash Handle

Petty Cash Module allows you to track transactions, print vouchers, and generate reports based on the Head of Account. The data visualization allows Employee by the department by expense group For analysis, the system allows the use of pie charts and line trend charts.

There will be no more manual voucher creation. It is intended for the company’s accountants.

The finance team can request extra petty cash or request that the funds be replenished. Details such as the required amount, purpose, and other information are required when creating the expense entry. Before the request is routed to headquarters, the branch manager should review and approve it. The funds are released once they have been approved. Petty Cash Module helps the organization categorize and classify these small amounts. It will present graphical reports to help determine where the amounts frequently go.

All Financial Statements

Correct Count is designed with expert knowledge input by industry leaders in Finance and Management with innovative ideologies. The system creates outstanding, accurate reports and will provide you with the overall financial standing of the entire organization’s efforts. 

Accuracy, Quickness and Reliability are the principal strategic objectives we had as an organization in creating Correct Count.

Reports :

Statement of Profit/Loss, Statement of Equity, Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheets), Trial Balance, Ledger accounts, all generally acceptable data formats and templates are included. 


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