My PP - My Personal Practice

eRav MyPP (My Personal Practice) is a cloud-based digital system that allows doctors to manage their dispensary, hospital, or medical service centre operations.

First and foremost, the system streamlines day-to-day operations with components such as:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Drug inventory management
  • Billing/ accounting functions
  • Patient profile and history management
  • Medical report handling

The system is fully functional on mobile devices, allowing users access from anywhere enhancing core business functions and facilitating the best care and service possible for patients

Why choose eRav MyPP

  • Mobile responsive
  • Simple, intuitive User Interface
  • Real-time updates
  • Highly accurate
  • Customisable
  • Made with the guidance of industry professionals

Appointment Scheduling

eRav MyPP offers an online appointment scheduling function where patients can book appointments ahead of time through an online portal. The system also provides comprehensive, real-time updates and notifications to both the clinic and the patient.

Drug Inventory

eRav MyPP’s inventory control system offers multiple supporting functionalities such as:

  • Monitoring the overall inventory of pharmaceutical and surgical products
  • Stock level tracking and replenishment reminders
  • Expiration date tracking for all stocks

With comprehensive stock reporting procedures, users can invest in fast-moving medical material more efficiently.

Expiry Date Management

With an extensive expiry date management component, all medical and medicinal products in stock are tracked. Stock replenishment is easily facilitated with ahead-of-time notifications.

Billing & Accounting Function

eRav MyPP handles day-to-day billing activities and produces accounting reports. A set of standard reports are automatically generated however, the system can be configured to produce customized reports too.

This system can be easily integrated into any billing platform of the clinic and will immediately start providing real-time information.

Patient Information Database

The patient information database is an extremely useful tool that can be used to compile all patient information in one place and can be sorted, filtered, and visualized as required. It can be updated as necessary at any point as well.

In addition to a detailed patient profile and patient history, key information such as prescriptions, lab reports, and operations performed can also be added and tracked through the system. A trend analysis functionality is also included, so that a patient’s progress can be visually tracked via graphs, etc. Image comparisons to track patient progress through a set amount of time is also present.

The scope of the information collected and presented can be customized to fit the requirements of the user.

With these functionalities in place, patient progress and the effectiveness and timeframe for treatments can be tracked visually, which is highly convenient for both doctors and patients.

In addition, user profile creation is highly secure to preserve the privacy of patients, with multiple administrative privileges available. Patient and doctor profiles are handled separately in the database as well.

ROL Maintenance

With an automated database system, managing medical history records, payment history records, immediate contact information, etc. becomes highly convenient and any of this data can be immediately accessed when required. This allows for incredible functionality in providing information related to any medical inquiry.

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