MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

eRav MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is a cloud-based system that provides comprehensive information on all aspects of the manufacturing process, allowing organisations to manage their inventory efficiently, schedule production, and deliver products on time, at optimal cost. It also has full mobile functionality, allowing the management, control, and supervision of the complete production process through a mobile device.

Each and every module of the system can be customised to cater to particular needs.

Modules of the eRav MRP system are detailed below.

Product Development and BOM (Bill of Materials) Finalize

The success and profitability of each production batch are dependent on the efficient finalisation of the Bill of Materials. eRav MRP eases the process of BOM analysis, sporting a user-friendly, intuitive user interface that any employee can be easily trained to use. The system also supports remote working environments, allowing significant transparency throughout the organisation within respective departments.

eRav MRP integration process is incredibly simplified for the clients’ convenience. Upon instating the system, the organisation can create a sample BOM and test the process execution against the existing process.

With complete mobile functionality, the approval process can be completed quickly and efficiently along the hierarchy of the organisation.

This is how eRav MRP simplified production processes:

Automated PO (Purchase Order) generation

With eRav MRP current stocks can be instantly analysed and any stock requirements for a defined set of products can be recorded. Then, Purchase Orders can be automatically generated for each supplier, dramatically speeding up the process, and allowing the production process to continue without delay.

Input Batch Specifications📉 Stock Analysis → Stock Requirement Report🛒 Purchase Order Generation 

GRN (Goods Received Note) generation

Once stocks are received from the supplier and sent to quality inspection, a temporary GRN can be generated, and once the inspection process is carried out and stocks are approved, an automated GRN is sent to both the supplier and the relevant in-house department. Additionally, processes such as roll numbering are also supported.

Inventory Management

In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, the eRav MRP comprises several more features that play a role in efficient inventory management. These are meant to provide comprehensive oversight and control over an organization’s manufacturing process. The system facilitates easy maintenance of, GRN notes, Goods issued for production, forecasted lead time calculation, receipt of finished goods, and the dispatch of finished goods to trade. It helps maintain consistent communication between departments and managers and can be customized in-depth to fit any organization’s process.

Production Monitoring

Detailed and accurate forecasts are imperative to a smooth production process as they can predict various risks and potential drops in consistency. The management requires these forecasts to ensure the production process is not negatively affected, and to take corrective action where required. 

eRav MRP’s comprehensive module accounts for Sales Orders, Production Orders, Production Planning, Line Input/ Output, Daily Production Targets and Achievements, and Shipment Information. With real-time reporting functions in place, the management can take impactful decisions quickly, streamlining the production process and minimising complications.

With extensive customisation options, the system can be adjusted as required to suit any organisation’s supply chain processes and operations.

QA - Quality Assurance Analysis

Quality Assurance is another one of the most important aspects of the production process as it dictates the market success of the product irrespective of the placement of the market life cycle. Effective QA analysis can make or break a product, and the QA module of eRav MRP provides the grounds for sensitive QA analysis with highly detailed analytics and reporting functions. 

KPI customisation of the QA process based on the nature of the business allows an organisation’s exact parameters to be met without question and confusion. Further, eRav will also suggest tried-and-true strategies to optimise the execution of operations within the platform. Acceptancy Quality Level reports such as Inline, Prefinal, and Final QC reports are also generated by the system. These functions are all available through the mobile application.

Packing and Shipment

Packing and shipment processes can be easily conducted with the help of eRav MRP. Processes like packing list planning, packing list creation, and gate pass generation can be automated, significantly simplifying the process.

Machine Management

Proper machine management is crucial to the smooth operation of the production process. Service record maintenance, repair record maintenance, spare part usage, and rent machine handling can be carried out through the eRav MRP. In addition, with the use of IoT devices, machine run-time (hours) can also be recorded.

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