Multi Level Marketing Platform(Online Network Marketing System)

eRav Multi-Level Marketing Platform (Network Marketing) has the means to simplify and streamline the creation, control, management, and execution of your digital marketing campaigns and sales.

The MLMP system is a unitary platform that centralizes marketing operations, making strategizing and managing operations easier. This ‘unitary platform’ goal is achieved by integrating a range of tools that allows incredible cross-functionality.


Prospecting Tools

With effective customer prospecting tools, management can easily map out the potential for a target market and execute sensitive business forecasts.

Communication Management

Integrates an incredibly centralized communication module that enables concise, effective and easy to use communication functions with all stakeholders.

Automatic Payment Processing

eRav MLMP’s quick payment processing integration supports multiple banking IPG integrations and complex pricing strategies. The system also supports currency exchange rate calculations and multiple payment gateway mapping. Automating payment processing significantly raises productivity, saves on labour costs, and reduces the margin for error.

Customized Report Generation

Reporting is an imperative part of gauging the success of business operations and return on investment, and also allows for future optimization in marketing and sales activities.

On top of providing the usual reports, a marketing platform will generate (daily/ weekly/ monthly marketing reports, product reports, etc.) eRav MLMP also offers extensive options to generate customized reports. The system utilizes real-time data collection techniques, and multiple formats and types of data can be compiled to ease the decision-making processes.

Customer Profiles

eRav MLMP allows the creation of customer profiles within the systems, allowing the easy collection and detailed compilation of necessary data. With customer profiles, organizations have limitless possibilities for cross-selling and upselling, remarketing, and loyalty program opportunities in addition to the basic functionality provided such as order and downline information tracking.

Online Payments

eRav MLMP facilitates the fast integration of online payment options for eCommerce websites, mobile applications, etc. The system is easily integrated into the relevant bank’s internet payment gateway, allowing quick and safe transactions. It also provides an option for cash on delivery payments

Order Management

As the system utilizes a centralized communication module, concise, effective, and easy communication is facilitated for all stakeholders.

Inventory Management

Real-time updates of stock-outs, stock replenishing requirements, and stock expirations ensure inventory management is never misaligned. The system ensures that all stocks are sold or replenished based on movability and value.

Shipping Management

Order tracking is an important feature for both customers and organizations. The system allows tracking from the point of purchase to delivery, from order processing and dispatching, to delivery to the customer.

Commission Management

This system allows organizations to keep track of commission holders and ensure that they obtain their commissions on time without issue. It can be attributed to multiple accounts and sellers as required.

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