Join Our Evolving Business Culture & Workforce.

We welcome progressive, energetic workforce who believe in enhancing self skills and career progress. Our employees represent a magnitude of work from various cultures and backgrounds, groomed to pursue a common objective. 

At eRav, our employees are our prime investment. We believe that providing a sustainable, positive work environment is the key to our success in various industries in service.

Easy Working Arrangements

We believe in allowing our staff to work in their element and encourage minimal supervision.

Progressive Workforce

We believe in a paradigm approach in upholding the motivation and skillset of our employees

Enhanced Due Care

We strive to maintain a positive work culture where employee care goes beyond working duration.

Open positions

Senior Industrial Planner
Oak Ridge, TN, US
Civil Construction
Read more November 8, 2019
Deputy Principal Construction Manager
Brooklyn, NY, US
Project Management
Read more January 8, 2016
Senior Programme Manager
Houston, TX, US
Project Management
Read more January 8, 2016
Deputy Principal Construction Manager
Toronto,Ontario, CA
Project Management
Read more January 8, 2016
Programme Engineering Manager
Richland, WA, US
Project Management
Read more January 7, 2016