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SABS Exports
SABS Export is a Garments and Textiles Manufacturer in India with 5 Factories. eRav Technologies created a bespoke solution to enhance the production quality in their operations. Also, we improved the Data delivery efficiency of the organization with a comprehensive real time data system.
MAS is one of Sri Lanka's largest apparel exporters & over 100,000 employees working in over 16+ factories. eRav Technologies assisted MAS Holdings in providing an effective labor management system that reduced bottlenecks & ambiguity. We enabled MAS to develop a sophisticated Skill Matrix to manage the laborers with incredible oversight.
We engineered an evolved Multilevel marketing platform to Herbline - one of the leading cosmetic and personal care brands in Sri Lanka. We enabled Herbline to have an enhanced control over its operations. With the consultation and involvement of eRav, Herbline exponentially expanded their business. Today they sell and distribute over 2000 orders per day.
Stafford Textiles
Stafford Textile is a pioneering Garment and Textile Manufacturer with over 18 factories in 6 different countries. eRav Technologies enhanced their operational effieciency by creating a sophisticated bespoke soluton with innovative strategies. The system enabled the management to make proactive decisions and intelligent planning that sustains the growth of the organization.
Alpine Garments is a leading Manufacturer of Garments with over 06 factories and 3000 staff. We enriched their labor management system that enabled the management to effectively utilize their labor force and create optimum output. Also, we improved their data efficiency by creating a real time data delivery system across all their administrative and operational functions.

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We are multinational garments buying office operating in 6 countries with many leading global brands. I had the exciting experience of working with Ravitha & his organization eRav in the digital transformation of our organization.

Mahesh Godahena
Country Manager , Stafford Textile Ltd

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